Cross-Channel Marketing Automation, Powered by A.I.

The modern consumer has numerous devices and rapidly changing preferences and behaviors—and modern marketers like you need to keep up. Kahuna helps you to better understand and build strong, lasting relationships with every consumer, through personalized messaging at scale across a variety of channels—email, app & browser push notifications, web & mobile in-app messaging, and SMS. The result? Your campaigns feel less like campaigns and more like conversations.

Kahuna was built to understand the modern consumer

Kahuna tracks every consumer and unifies their behavior across mobile, web, and multiple devices. Our platform’s ability to track consumer behavior across channels and in real-time enables you to make smarter marketing decisions based on what you have learned about that consumer.

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Kahuna removes the guesswork from your engagement efforts

Using what you know about your consumers, Kahuna uses cross-channel messaging and artificial intelligence to send highly personalized messages and automate decision-making for you. Our platform knows which messages to send to each individual consumer—and at which time and on which channel & device—increasing the chances that they will engage with the messages and that you will hit your goals.

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We help you thoroughly understand the impact of your marketing efforts on your business

With Kahuna’s analytics dashboards, you can gain valuable insights into how your customers engage with your product:

  • Analyze behavioral trends related to user activity, engagement, and retention.
  • Get a clear view of your ability to reach your customers across multiple channels and understand the actions that directly affect that reach.
  • Dig into campaign data at a granular level to know how your marketing efforts are impacting your business objectives overall.

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