User Activity

Unobscured visibility into your audience activity patterns. Understand how many of your users are interacting with your product each day, week, or month. Take action to target inactive users and encourage re-engagement, or engage your active audience to increase conversions.


Identify trends in user retention and take action to engage your users before their attention wanes. By understanding new user drop-off points, you can reach your customers during the crucial introductory phase, and you can re-engage existing users at critical moments in the retention cycle.


Qualify the type of user engagement your customers have with your product. Clearly understand how many users are reaching the goals of your marketing efforts and analyze engagement patterns and conversion trends over time.

Addressable Audience

Establish a baseline for your ability to reach your customers via cross-channel marketing efforts. Identify trends in opt-out, uninstall, and unsubscribe rates and take direct action to decrease attrition. Leverage these insights to reach your users via all available channels.

Campaign Performance

Analyze the direct impact of your marketing campaigns over time and across channels. Evaluate the high level impact on KPIs relevant to your business, and dig deeper into the granular performance metrics associated with individual campaigns. Identify trends, monitor success, and take action to increase positive results and reduce attrition.


Ingest user-level and campaign data through our flexible APIs and exports. Integrate with your internal analytics tools for deeper insight into exactly which users are receiving your campaigns and across which channels and know precisely how each user is responding.

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