Send targeted & personalized emails with unparalleled deliverability

Create beautiful email templates

Our drag & drop email template composer makes it easy for even low-tech marketers to quickly build beautiful, responsive design email templates. It’s also powerful enough to support custom HTML elements like conditional and looping logic. Preview your emails in mobile and desktop resolutions, and send test messages to view in a specific email apps.

Getting Started

Our IP warm-up management helps you to gradually increase delivery volumes on your new IP addresses, protecting your sender reputation. If your domain is already Return Path certified, then we can accelerate the transition to your new, dedicated IPs. Regardless of your size, our Customer Success team will guide you through the transition.

Protect Your Reputation

Even after your reputation is established with email providers, we continue to monitor delivery of your emails and alert you to issues so that you can take prescriptive measures to maintain the highest delivery rates.

Be Seen

Delivery is important, and inbox placement is critical. Reaching your customer’s inbox can be more difficult than most marketers want to admit. Kahuna’s Cross-Channel Optimization sends messages to each person via the channel in which they have proven to engage. Meanwhile Kahuna’s RevIQ constantly tests and optimizes from up to 5 variants to determine the most engaging one. Combined, they increase email engagement in a way no other platform can, so future emails are more likely to reach the inbox. Still want to prepare for the unexpected? We can leverage Return Path inbox monitoring to proactively identify issues before they impact conversions.

Growing Pains?

Sometimes the solution requires a deeper understanding of your business challenge. Our Strategic Services team, with years of combined email marketing expertise, can help you navigate any number of email situations.

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