Create cohesive, automated marketing campaigns across channels


Kahuna gives you maximum flexibility to create highly specific, highly targeted user segments as you go. Segments are based not just on demographic data, but also behavioral (e.g. send a message when the consumer has watched 5 movies in the past week) and lifecycle stages (e.g. send a message to all dormant users). Further, you can target based on a user’s favorite content, products, brands, and more—essentially putting your finger on the pulse of your audience at any given moment.







It’s easy to create and launch campaigns for all of your marketing needs. Campaigns give you the ability to message users based on their attributes, actions, or any other user property. Campaigns can message users no matter which channel or device the user is on. You can create recurring campaigns for engagement purposes like newsletters or more targeted ones like trigger and conversion campaigns that are intended to drive higher goal achievement.






Every customer journey is unique. With our Experiences feature, you can design highly targeted customer paths and message flows and then sit back and watch as Kahuna takes each of your customers on an optimized journey with personalized messages delivered across the most important channels. You can create experiences that mirror your customer lifecycle—for example, an onboarding experience for new users or a re-engagement experience for active ones. And the best part? You can get going with Experiences in just minutes.





With Kahuna’s Campaigns and Experiences, you can segment your consumers and deliver relevant messages to them. These messages are delivered across a variety of channels so you can rest assured whether your consumers are actively engaged or passive, you can reach them with the right message.

Rich Push Notifications with Kahuna

Rich Push Notifications

Keep it simple with text-based push messages, or spruce it up by inserting custom user attributes and emojis. Or let it stand out with optional video and static images. Deeplinks and key value pairs allow for a seamless experience with your app.

In-App Messages

Effective, predefined templates make it easy for marketers to quickly communicate with users within their app. Looking for something special? Custom in-app allows you to tweak and tailor the presentation.


Tried and true, email remains the communication channel with the greatest reach and creative flexibility. Build and send beautiful and compelling emails with ease using our powerful email template creator.

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When the message has to be seen now, keep it short and send it through the least cluttered marketing communications channel, SMS.








Kahuna’s products are powered by artificial intelligence which helps automatically determine the best combination of message content, channel, and timing, from billions of possibilities, within seconds. Our optimization features are bringing our customers real, measurable results.

Message Optimization

Say goodbye to A/B testing. Kahuna has pioneered A-to-E testing, which is A/B testing offering additional C, D, and E variants. With this capability, customers can test multiple message variants simultaneously to discover which messages are the most effective. This reduces the time to determine the best performing message and personalizes the message content by updating the content dynamically. Customers using Kahuna’s Message Optimization have seen a 73% improvement in goal conversions.

Kahuna Channel Optimization

Channel Optimization

Consumers can be reached across multiple channels—by email, through push notifications on mobile and web, through in-app notifications, and more. Our AI technology not only decides the best channel to reach the consumer but also uses cross-channel intelligence to increase the effectiveness of the messages delivered. Customers using Channel Optimization with Kahuna have seen a 300% improvement in goal conversions.

Kahuna Send Time Optimizationa

Send Time Optimization

Getting the timing right for every message is critical for marketers. Our AI technology picks the best time to send a message to each individual, not just what works for most people. The system processes each consumer’s interaction across all channels to understand when they are likely to engage and mark the time where consumers are completing key actions—e.g. making a purchase, reading an article, booking a flight, etc.

This not only increases engagement but reduces opt-outs and unsubscribes. Kahuna customers are seeing over 101% improvement in goal conversions when they use our Send Time Optimization capabilities.

Conversion Wait Time Optimization

Kahuna’s AI algorithms decide the ideal wait time before sending a message to a customer for maximizing goal conversion, which also works to reduce the sending of unnecessary messages. With this approach, 98% of the consumers who organically achieve a campaign goal do not receive a message. The remaining 2% of users get messages according to the specified interval for the campaign.


Path Optimization

Customer journeys are designed manually by marketers today. Our AI technology provides a superior alternative by automatically suggesting the best path, based on past data, that maximizes goal conversions. With Path Optimization, you simply have to choose your target segment of users and the goal you would like them to accomplish. Our AI algorithms then analyze the past behavior of your users which includes the organic paths users take, paths users take when they are messaged, as well as their positive and negative response to messaging—all to build an Optimal Path. This Optimal Path is computed in order to maximize the goal conversion for the specific goal and the specific segment defined above. With this, marketers get suggestions on when to message the user during their journey.

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