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Real-Time Data Collection and Integration

Easy Integration

Kahuna collects information about each of your consumers by integrating with your mobile and web products and services. This is a simple and easy integration using either software development kits (SDKs) for mobile platforms or code snippets (Javascript for web). In addition, APIs are available to send data from other systems to Kahuna. A complete integration takes just 60 minutes—with zero maintenance required. Once these integrations are set up, the developer’s job is done and the marketer can take over to run campaigns with zero additional technical work required.

Data Capture and Real-Time Listening from Kahuna

Real Time Data Capture

Once integrated, all consumer events are captured by Kahuna on an ongoing basis in real time.

The information we collect are events and attributes. For example: An event can be “Added Nike Shoes in size 11 to the shopping cart” and attributes can be “Male, 23 years of age, living in San Francisco, CA.” In addition to your consumers’ organic events, Kahuna also learns from their responses to messages such as whether they opened or clicked emails and push messages. This information can subsequently be used to trigger, segment, and personalize the messages from you to the consumer.

Individual Customer Profiles

Individual Consumer Profiles

Once Kahuna has collected information about your consumers, we are able to build a rich unified profile for each and every consumer. Rather than keeping a separate profile for each device, Kahuna will keep a profile for each user and aggregate the user’s behavior across devices and platforms into a single user profile. This unified profile allows you to ensure you have all the behaviors of your consumers, not just the ones for specific interactions or specific devices, thereby making your messaging efforts more personalized.

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