Understand & Engage Your Mobile Customers

Kahuna helps you better understand your customers and drive more engagement and revenue through personalized communication at scale.

Automated Communication For The Mobile Era

Automated Marketing For The Mobile Era

Integrated Email and Mobile Marketing

Craft a cohesive, personalized, omni-channel experience that drives results and enhances your brand experience.

Hyper-Targeted Customer Segments

Create real-time, dynamic segments of customers as you go. Fully integrated, with no spreadsheets, data analysis, or engineering work required.

Automated Lifecycle Campaigns

Create and send behavior-based lifecycle and conversion campaigns, automatically personalized and delivered at the ideal time for each customer.

Person Centric Data Layer

Kahuna was built to understand the modern customer. Kahuna tracks every customer and unifies their behavior across mobile, web, and multiple devices.

Engagement Channels

Smarter Marketing For Better Results

Kahuna’s suite of optimization capabilities saves you time and delivers the best results without all the guesswork or heavy lifting.

Smarter Marketing For Better Results

Optimal Message Optimal Message

Test up to five messages and a control group. Kahuna determines and sends the winning message every time.

Optimal Channel Optimal Channel

Push, in-app, email, or social. Send your message through the best channel, not every channel, using Kahuna.

Optimal Timing Optimal Timing

Deliver each message at the time that drives maximum results, or at each customer’s preferred time of day.

Optimal Device Optimal Device

Deliver your message to each customer’s preferred device.

Marketing Analytics & Campaign Reporting

Real Time Reporting

Real-time Reporting

Know what’s working and change what isn’t, instantly. Every action, every message campaign, and every piece of data breaks down into traceable ROI.

Revenue & Goal-Tracking

Revenue & Goal-Tracking

Measure the real results of every message you send. Track any campaign goal—revenue, purchases, social shares, and more—with a single click.

App Uninstall & Push Opt-Outs

App Uninstall & Push Opt-Outs

Get the full story on every message you send. Track app uninstalls and push opt-outs at the campaign level and in real time, so you can adjust your messaging before it’s too late.

Exports, Integrations, & APIs

Exports, Integrations, & APIs

Your data is your own. It’s easy to get data in and out of Kahuna, using our exports, APIs, and pre-built integrations.

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