Know Your Customer's Story With Intelligent Events

Empower Authentic Communication with Affinity-Driven Marketing

Intelligent events power a new level of authentic communication with customers.

Kahuna’s Intelligent Events gives you the ability to know your customer’s story, across channels and in real-time. Customize outbound messages by cross-channel user behavior to ensure every push, in-app or email message is relevant, timely, and personalized. Kahuna doesn’t just track consumer behavior, we reveal personal affinities for specific content so you can tailor communication to what each individual finds interesting and engaging.

Today’s mobile consumers expect a personalized experience across channels. Customers pay more, buy more frequently, and are more likely to recommend a brand when marketing is personalized. Data shows that 75% of marketers say it’s a top priority-yet most are struggling to deliver true personalization.

Employ next level, affinity-based segmentation.

Kahuna delivers unmatched insight into quantifiable, time-bound behavior patterns which allows marketers to understand what motivates each customer to act.

Understand subtle nuances in customer behavior patterns.

Marketers can use total historical behavior patterns or time-bound snapshots (e.g., last 2 days, last 3 months) to create granular customer segments rooted in customer affinity and preference.

Break through the clutter with content that resonates.

Marketers can customize message content based on what customers actually like, not just what they “liked” most recently. Deep customer understanding and enhanced segmentation enables a new caliber of authentic communication between you and your customers.

Put your customer data to work.

Just select an event and deep dive into the details that give you real customer insight. Create your segments by selecting the event variations and time window during which it could have occurred.

Create granular segments on the fly.

Once your segment is created, you will be able to craft and deliver email, push and in-app messages that will look and feel unique to each and every customer that gets it.

Personalization has never felt so personal.
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