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How do I upload my current email database into Kahuna?

Kahuna allows you to upload your email database in one of two simple ways.  You can do it via one time CSV upload or with an API.  We know how important your sender score is, so we make sure that any user who has previously unsubscribed to email stays that way.


Is it possible to set up cross-channel campaigns within Kahuna that default to the channel (push, email or in-app) with the highest engagement?

Yes, Kahuna has developed a unique tool that allows you to setup push, email and in-app messages within one campaign.  If all channel variants are created, Kahuna will automatically default to the available channel (where the customer is opted in) with the highest response rate.  For example, if a customer is opted out of push, but opted into email, Kahuna will send that user an email. If they are not opted in to either push or email, Kahuna will default to an in-app message.


Can I dynamically personalize email through Kahuna?

Kahuna integrates with MailChimp so you have access to best-in-class templates that are able to be personalized with data collected and stored in Kahuna. It only takes a few simple clicks to map merge tags included in MailChimp templates to data stored in Kahuna. After you select the MailChimp merge tags you want to include in your email template, you can easily map them to the appropropriate attribute or event data stored in Kahuna. This works for both the body or your email and the subject line.  Kahuna supports conditional merge tags, so each customer receiving a message will get the content that’s most relevant for them.


Are Kahuna emails responsive?

Yes, Kahuna offers responsive templates through MailChimp. Simply select one of the many responsive templates offered by MailChimp and Kahuna will ensure that it’s delivered as such.


How can I use location to better target emails?

Kahuna is able to track location data for all of your opted in customers. Geofences can be set up and used to trigger messages (when a customer enters or leaves a predefined area) or location data collected can be used during the segmentation process during campaign creation (for example, to target users in San Francisco). After implemented, Kahuna will track three pieces of location information:

  1. when a customer enters a predefined region (geofence)
  2. whether the user is currently in that predefined region
  3. the time at which the customer was last in the region.


Can I create an email in different languages or for different time zones?

To tailor your marketing strategy for a global audience, Kahuna enables you to create multiple sets of messages per campaign based on languages, time zones, or custom user attributes that specify locale preference on your app or website. The Campaign Creator provides a Locale Setup panel so that you can create different locales according to your needs. You can select email campaigns.


Do I need to know coding or HTML to use Kahuna Email?

No, the Kahuna platform was designed with marketers in mind — no coding, HTML, or liquid syntax experience required! Because  our partnership with MailChimp gives you access to a range of templates, all you need to do is add in any relevant graphics, create your copy and map your merge tags to ensure each email is dynamically personalized for the individual that is receiving it.


Can I use my own HTML if I want to?

Of course.  The Kahuna systems supports custom HTML if the marketers chooses to use it. For those marketers that are experienced doing so, or have technical support available, it’s a great way to ensure a consistent experience across all channels.  Remember: any images or content used must be hosted on your own webservers.


What is the maximum number of characters allowed in an email message?

Email size restrictions are determined by the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) involved in the email delivery.  Kahuna does not enforce a maximum character limit.


Does Kahuna offer email cooldown periods?

Yes, Kahuna’s rate limiting feature also works for email campaigns. The rate limiting time is customizable, but Kahuna sets a standard cooldown period of 12 hours for each user. This helps protect the overall experience by ensuring that multiple campaigns aren’t hitting the same user in a short time period.


Is Kahuna able to automatically authenticate users with links sent via email?

Yes, by applying a cryptographic salt — a random data input used as security measure for data inputs — Kahuna is able to securely authenticate users into unique points in a web or app experience directly from links sent in emails.  Currently, Kahuna supports salted hashing for Kahuna-specific merge tags in MailChimp templates.


How can I see which users have received a particular email campaign?

This data is available within the All Campaigns section of the Kahuna dashboard by selecting the campaign in questions and then exporting (via CSV) the results. If you have Campaign Completion notifications turned on, Kahuna will notify you via email when your campaign launches with a link to a CSV that includes the user name, email address and other pertinent information about the users who have received the message.


What metrics are available through Kahuna?

Kahuna offers all basic email metrics including number of people selected for the campaign, scheduled, delivered, opened, clicked, invalid/rejected, blocked, bounced, spam reported, unsubscribed. Kahuna also offers a number of metrics that speak to the effectiveness of email campaigns including email engagement rate, the number of people more engaged as a result of the email campaign, and goal achievement (up to four). Definitions for each are available in the Learn Kahuna section of the platform.

Kahuna also reports on the optimization results. For example, if you are using send time or message content (A to E testing) optimization, Kahuna will display the response rates for each time interval or content variant  tested as well as the current distribution.


How secure is my data in Kahuna?

Kahuna has taken extensive measures to ensure the privacy of your data.  We have enabled account authentication processes and password restrictions that ensure maximum security. We have also encrypted and protected all data on the Kahuna system to limit the possibility of data breaches.


How much does it cost to use Kahuna email?

To get pricing information that is specific to your needs, please contact us at info@kahuna.com.

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