[eBook] 3 Digital Marketplaces Challenges That Can Be Overcome Using Extreme Personalization

What You’ll Learn in This eBook:

Learn how to stand apart from the competition, improve liquidity, and improve buyer search results by embracing extreme personalization within your marketplace.

Today, there’s a digital marketplace for virtually anything you can think of. Transportation, home services, dating, shopping—the list goes on. And even in the same market, there are numerous platform options for buyers and sellers alike to choose from. That said, as a marketplace operator, you should be asking “How can I effectively stand out from the competition?”

More and more successful marketplaces are embracing AI-powered personalization. Adobe reports that top-performing companies are more than twice as likely as their peers to be using artificial intelligence technology for marketing.

In this eBook for marketplace operators, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use AI-powered personalization technology to know when to message buyers and sellers at the times they’re most willing to engage
  • Facilitate transactions from start to finish by minimizing stalled communication, resulting in improved marketplace liquidity
  • Improve buyer search results, boosting seller satisfaction by matching them with those who are most likely to make a purchase