[Checklist] Buyer & Seller Engagement for Digital Marketplaces

What You’ll Learn from this Checklist:

In order to stand out from competitors, digital marketplaces and classifieds sites must create a unique, compelling experience for both buyers and sellers throughout the customer journey. Our checklist helps marketplace operators define the stages of the customer journey, outline tactics to increase engagement from both parties, and ultimately reduce churn by creating an unmatched customer experience that brings users back time and time again.

Grab our checklist today for step-by-step guidance on:

  • How to drive buyer acquisition by onboarding high-quality sellers that your buyers are excited about
  • How to boost engagement and stickiness throughout your site as your users search for and engage with content and listings
  • How to increase the number of first transactions—and more quickly
  • How to optimize your site and marketing practices for return visits and second, third, etc. transactions