[eBook] Reduce Churn for Good: A Foolproof Checklist to Create a Successful Classifieds Marketplace

What You’ll Learn in This eBook:

The marketplace landscape is constantly changing, and there’s no shortage of sites for buyers and sellers to transact on. While you can have great products and services on your site or even offer enticing discounts or promotions, chances are your competitors are doing the same and luring your buyers and sellers away every day. Clearly, buyer/seller churn is a threat to all online classifieds properties, big and small.

Instead of thinking about competing in terms of price and inventory, classifieds sites can stay competitive and retain more users by shifting their efforts to enhancing the customer experience. Just think: 86% of consumers who received a great customer experience were more likely to repurchase from the same brand, vs 13% who had a poor experience (Tempkin Group). It’s clear that customer experience is a deal-maker (or deal-breaker) for classifieds sites.

With that in mind, we’ve developed a foolproof checklist to help you ensure you’re delivering the best experience possible to your buyers and sellers, helping your site become a go-to destination—instead of a one-and-done site that gets lost in the shuffle.

Grab our eBook today and learn how to:

  • Consider new, unique experiences you can offer on your site that stand out and help establish a loyal user base
  • Rethink the user experience in terms of usability and convenience and encourage efficient transactions, regardless of the verticals you cater to
  • Effectively engage with your most passionate users, therefore increasing organic growth via word of mouth