How E-Commerce Marketers Can Leverage Mobile to Improve Goal Conversions by 101%

E-commerce only sees a paltry 2-3% purchase conversion rate, and per Google’s own research, goods worth a staggering $280 billion are abandoned in shopping carts every year.
But smart brands are avoiding this fate by leveraging two new mobile trends in their marketing automation platforms: cross-channel and artificial intelligence. This powerful combination enables marketers to provide a highly personalized experience for consumers, delivering messages that consider individual preferences for channel, device, time, and content—and achieving stronger business outcomes as a result.

Walk away from the webinar with a better understanding of:

  • How “mobile” has transformed from app-centric to channel-holistic—and what this means for marketers
  • What e-commerce brands can do to easily transition from “batch & blast” to a 1-to-1 conversation
  • Why personalizing message content is not enough


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