[Video] How Restorando Successfully Operates Across Borders

In the latest episode of MarketplaceConnect, Malcolm Friedberg interviewed David Gramdes, CTO of Restorando, the leading online restaurant reservation platform in Latin America. Restorando makes it easy for diners to find dining options that suit their preferences. The marketplace platform also benefits restaurants by helping them attract customers through targeted promotions.

Today, Restorando is used by 500,000 people per month and serves 5,000 restaurants in more than 20 cities in 7 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico. Restorando’s success has been covered in large Latin American publications such as Clarín and La Nación.

In this candid interview, David and Malcolm hone in on the key reasons Restorando has been able to expand and trump the competition in numerous markets, touching on topics such as:

  • How the needs of different regions influence operations across markets
  • Understanding how to keep customer acquisition costs at all time lows
  • The importance of sustainability in their marketplace business model


Checkout the video below!