[Video] How Carousell Has Become the #1 Shopping Marketplace App in Singapore

In this flagship episode of MarketplaceConnect, Malcolm Friedberg, Head of Marketing at Kahuna, interviewed Arun Kumar, Head of Digital Marketing at Carousell, the #1 shopping marketplace app in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia. They’re also a Kahuna customer.

Carousell enables users to quickly create classified listings by snapping a photo, adding a description and then submitting their listing. While the company presently offers a variety of goods across numerous verticals, the site originally started with a focus on buying and selling textbooks and grew from there.

Since being founded, Carousell has expanded to 7 countries and the site encompasses 34 categories. There are currently 110 million listings on the site, and 143 listings are created every minute.
In this video, Arun and Malcolm touch on a variety of shopping marketplace topics such as:

  • Starting small, and growing via built-in virality
  • Monetizing the property through a handful of select channels
  • The secrets to achieving organic growth by guiding users to the magic moment
  • The importance of community within e-commerce marketplaces


Check out the video below!