[Video] How Workana Identifies and Dominates a Niche Market

In the latest episode of MarketplaceConnect, Malcolm Friedberg interviewed Tomás O’Farrell, Co-Founder and CEO of Workana, the largest Latin American freelancer marketplace. Workana makes it easy for individuals and businesses to find qualified professionals to help out with projects on an as-needed basis.

Since 2012, Workana has grown to have over 1 million freelancers and 500K projects listed on the site. A whopping 25K projects are added to the site every month! With its clear dominance in the Latin America market, Workana is now aiming to expand into the Asia Pacific region, too.

In this candid interview, Tomás and Malcolm nail down what exactly has made Workana such a successful digital marketplace:

  • Managing payments and handling work agreements when they don’t work out
  • Achieving rapid growth by using paid campaigns and focusing on repeat purchases
  • Understanding the company’s “magic moment” which involves matching the right client with the right freelancer

For more marketplace optimization learnings, check out the video below!