Ebook: The Next Modern Commerce Disruption: A Marketer’s Blueprint to Win in the Age of Personalization


Brian Solis

Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group


Read this thought leadership report and learn:

  • How AI is enabling the “new-new” disruptors to deliver extreme personalization and treat each consumer as an audience of one
  • The 3 rounds of modern commerce disruption and which companies fall into each
  • A step-by-step blueprint for implementing the 5 Ws of modern marketing—and why being a “new-new” disruptor depends on it
  • How to ultimately be a disruptor—and not the disrupted


In 1970, Alvin Toffler introduced the concept of Future Shock, where people, populations, industries, and companies experience too much rapid technological change in too brief a time. As a result on the business side, companies once too big to fail have become chapters in the history books of business evolution.

Today, renowned digital analyst Brian Solis introduces a new type of Future Shock, where the retail industry rapidly evolves as advances in technology are enabling brands to meet the changing wants and needs of consumers. Those brands that may have succeeded at one time are now failing to keep their doors open because they don’t continue to listen and deliver on the ever-changing preferences of their consumers—they lack a human quotient, as Solis points out.

Consumers today are demanding an extremely personalized relationship with the brands they love. The “new-new” commerce disruptors, as Solis refers to them, understand this and are investing in tools that enable them to communicate with consumers in a hyper-personalized way: with the right message, at the right time, on the right channel, and on the right device. Ultimately, pinpointing these “moments that matter” for each individual consumer—offering the most relevant and timely messaging possible—is what is separating the new commerce disruptors from their predecessors.

In this thought leadership report, Solis urges today’s digital commerce companies and their leaders to future proof their brands by prioritizing the human quotient, investing in meaningful customer engagement strategies, and continually exploring methods and services to deliver new value to consumers.

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