[Report] The State (and Future) of Digital Marketplaces

The State (and Future) of Digital Marketplaces



Brian Solis

Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group



What are marketplaces and where do they fit in the e-commerce landscape? Analysts predict that online marketplaces will account for 40% of global e-commerce revenue in 2020.

Kahuna partnered with Brian Solis at The Altimeter Group for a deep dive on The Platform Economy, what it is and where it is going. We surveyed 100 marketplace businesses to capture their unique insights and Solis delivers the quantitative analysis with his unique and thoughtful narrative about what it means.

Key findings include:

  • Marketplaces are driving significant revenue with ⅓ of the marketplaces we surveyed generating in excess of $100 million annually.
  • Top priorities for marketplace operators include new product launches, revenue and customer growth.
  • Challenges include churn, competitive differentiation, social media engagement, and customer acquisition.
  • Growth as a service is a primary motivator for sellers operating in these marketplaces.
  • Marketplaces rely on sophisticated multi-channel marketing strategies for customer acquisition and activation.

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