Infographic: The 5 Ws of Modern Marketing

A Blueprint for Shifting Your Strategy from the Old Way to the New Way of Marketing

According to NewVoiceMedia, companies are losing $62 billion every year from providing a poor customer experience, up a whopping $20 billion in the past 3 years alone. And, a startling 50% of customers who have experienced a poor customer experience have switched to a competitor brand, showing that they can be quick to leave any sense of brand loyalty behind if there’s strong enough reason to do so.

These startling stats are enough to make any marketer stop in their tracks and think twice about their approach, considering that they are responsible for the customer experience that results from their marketing efforts. Unfortunately, too many marketers are still functioning under what we call the “old way” of marketing, which encompasses strategies & tactics that create an impersonal, disjointed experience for consumers…and a bad taste left in their mouths for good.

So, what, exactly, constitutes this “old way” of marketing, and how do you know if you’re doing it?—And more importantly, what is the “new way” of marketing, and how can you implement it ASAP? Retaining your customers depends on it, after all.

Get all the answers by checking out our brand new infographic “The 5 Ws of Modern Marketing: A Blueprint for Shifting Your Strategy from the Old Way to the New Way of Marketing.”


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