Top 7 Push Notification Campaigns for On-Demand Apps

Why should I read this guide?

Push notifications are not an option, but a necessity for on-demand apps, playing an important role in giving users the immediate satisfaction they crave. The on-demand economy is taking the world by storm. Backed by more than $9.4 billion in venture funding since 2010, hundreds of startups have proliferated in this space, which was nearly non-existent five years ago. Services ranging from food delivery to taxis to housekeeping are now at your fingertips on mobile. As a result, people today have greater expectations for getting exactly what they want, when they want it. Our new Best Practice Guide: Top 7 Push Notifications Campaigns for On-Demand Apps will share with you insights from our work with premier on-demand apps.

In this guide, you’ll learn to send targeted campaigns that help you:

  • Reward users with instant gratification through messaging
  • Capture feedback from customers to reduce churn
  • Encourage users to regularly book services
  • Cultivate a robust supply of enthusiastic buyers and providers
  • And much more!
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