[Video] Car Next Door and The 2nd Law of Marketplaces – Trust Is The Product

Short of buying a home, owning a vehicle is one of the biggest purchases anyone can make. That in mind, if a stranger asked if they could borrow your vehicle for any period of time, you would likely say no. Thanks to marketplace platforms, peer to peer car rentals are catching on, with many such transactions occurring across the globe.

In order to help marketplace operators improve transaction volumes on high-end goods, Kahuna CMO, Jeff Nolan held an interview with Car Next Door Growth Team Leader, Keal Wilson.

Car Next Door is an online marketplace where vehicle owners can loan their cars to borrowers on an hourly or daily basis. The marketplace platform has over 90,000 members and have facilitated over 100,000 trips. In fact, they’ve paid over $5 million AUD to vehicle owners. Rather than having users exchange keys and leave it at that, Car Next Door provides a variety of safeguards to ensure the experience goes as smoothly as possible.

Check out the video below to learn:

  • About achieving ideal root density and using it to make marketplaces more efficient
  • Effective strategies to recruit owners, and ways to increase borrower counts on your platform
  • How to approach customer service and support with high value items
  • Achieving significant success by following Kahuna’s 3 Laws of Marketplaces
  • Techniques to prevent platform leakage