[Video] Sharetribe Interview on Marketplaces & Classifieds Optimization

Marketplaces are complex properties for a variety of reasons. One of which is the fact that platform operators need to simultaneously balance the needs of buyers and sellers. Add to this, other essentials such as global payment processing, and expanding at a sustainable pace, and it becomes clear that you can’t just build something and expect to achieve success overnight.

In order to help marketplace operators improve marketplace performance, while also avoiding common blockers, Kahuna CMO Jeff Nolan held an interview with Sharetribe CEO & Founder Juho Makkonen.

Sharetribe is a fully-managed hosted marketplace platform that is also offered as an open-source version which can be self-hosted by customers. Sharetribe features essential functionality such as escrow support, a white label design, mobile friendly pages, and granular user permissions.

Check out the video below to about essential digital marketplace topics such as:

  • The ideal ratio of buyers to sellers within a marketplace
  • The most important things to consider when onboarding new buyers and sellers into your marketplace
  • Processing payments across borders
  • Handling the common dynamic of sellers becoming buyers and vice versa
  • The one most common mistake most marketplace operators make, that often causes them to fail