[Webinar] How AI-Powered Consumer Messaging Can Help You Engage & Retain More Customers

How AI-Powered Consumer Messaging Can Help You Engage & Retain More Customers



Sameer Patel
CEO, Kahuna

Rich Lesperance
CMO, Swap.com

Ted Silverman
Director of Member Communications,
Rue La La

Brett Goldberg
Co-CEO & Co-Founder,

What You Will Learn In This Webinar:

91% of consumers unsubscribe from emails. 60% of consumers opt out of push notifications. $280 billion is abandoned in digital shopping carts every year. Only 32% of customers make a second purchase with a brand within the same year.

What do these startling facts about consumer habits tell us as marketers? Consumers’ attention and loyalty are not guaranteed. In fact, it’s an uphill battle for brands to stand out from the noise and compel consumers to not only listen to them but to buy from them, too.

The great news is that AI technology is helping modern e-commerce brands take this challenge head-on by understanding the consumer at the individual level and then only sending them messages that are relevant, contextual, and timely, all in real time. As a result, consumers develop a deep connection to the brand as the brand starts meeting their expectations of a highly personalized experience time and time again. The brand starts to see an improvement in message engagement and conversion…and the rest is history.

If an e-commerce marketer is struggling with one of the following problems, this webinar is for them:

  • Stagnant or decreasing marketing metrics: acquisition, engagement, conversion, revenue, and retention
  • Relying too heavily on demographic segmentation methods to “understand” the audience
  • Not having campaigns that are differentiated enough from competitors’
  • Trying to figure out how to survive and stand out amid the dominance of Amazon
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