[Webinar] How to Engage Buyers & Sellers at Every Stage in the Customer Journey in Your Digital Marketplace


Jeff Nolan

Sigrid Zeuthen
Global Marketing Manager

What You’ll Learn in This Webinar:

A whopping 94% of companies see higher engagement and conversion rates (Econsultancy) when they commit to optimizing the customer experience.

In today’s competitive landscape, where buyers and sellers have numerous sites to choose from, marketplaces must do whatever they can to stand apart from others. It’s easy to be competitive on price and inventory, but delivering an effective and memorable customer experience to create a loyal user base is a whole different ball game. Customer experience is the deal-maker (or deal-breaker) for marketplaces.

To ensure your platform will create committed, engaged buyers and sellers for the long-term, you must meet their expectations for a high quality and highly personalized experience throughout the customer journey. This means going beyond sending emails with a “Hello [First Name]” greeting; it means personalizing and polishing every component of the user’s interaction with the platform and with each other. The result? An increase in engagement, conversion, and retention.

Walk away with a clear understanding of:

  • How to create an engaging onboarding experience that fosters buyer and seller stickiness
  • How to optimize for engagement at every buyer/seller touchpoint across your site
  • How to further encourage buyer and seller engagement post-transaction
  • How to incorporate personalization into every aspect of your user flow and deliver an unmatched customer experience as a result