Webinar: Mobile Marketing Benchmarks: How Do You Stack Up?

No matter how your push notification, in-app, or email strategies are performing, you’re likely wondering, “How do they compare to industry benchmarks? What’s the average for my industry? How are competitors fairing?"

Industry benchmarks answer many of these questions, and we’ve got them for you.

In this webinar, Kahuna presents data from its second Mobile Marketing Index. Drawn from nearly 400 million user profiles and roughly 500 million events per day over the course Q3 2015, The Mobile Marketing Index takes an in-depth look at opt-in rates, user retention, goal achievement, opt-out and uninstalls, as well as the impact mobile has on email consumption.

In the webinar, you’ll learn:
- The average retention rate across 15 specific verticals after 30, 60, and 90 days
- Industry averages for opt-outs, uninstalls, and unsubscribes
- The impact mobile is having on email open rates and click-to-open rates
- How brands can use this benchmark data to optimize their mobile marketing strategies