Webinar: Optimizing the User Journey through Attribution and Re-engagement


As the mobile app market becomes more and more crowded, how can companies ensure that every user acquired is served the best user experience to catalyze habitual use? From acquisition to onboarding to nurturing, how can mobile brands optimize the entire user journey to target those actions and behaviors that will lead to long-term value?

It all comes down to tracking, measuring, and leveraging the right user data.

In this webinar, presented by TUNE and Kahuna, you’ll get an exclusive look at how today’s mobile leaders leverage data through attribution and re-engagement to acquire and retain high-value users.

Watch to learn:

  • Proven methods for single and multi-touch attribution
  • Strategies for tracking the right data to segment your users
  • Best practices for leveraging push notifications in re-engagement
  • Lessons from real app examples and results