SaaS for Marketplaces

The modern consumer has numerous devices and rapidly changing preferences and behaviors—and modern marketers like you need to keep up. Kahuna helps you to better understand and build strong, lasting relationships with every consumer, through personalized messaging at scale across a variety of channels—email, app & browser push notifications, web & mobile in-app messaging, and SMS. The result? Your campaigns feel less like campaigns and more like conversations.


When it comes to purchasing goods online, it’s a given that marketplace buyers tend to prefer going through sellers they’re familiar with. By using Kahuna, you can help improve buyer liquidity by enabling merchant notifications.

These alerts can be used to inform buyers when a seller they’ve bought from just listed something new. They also can help boost sales by steering the buyer to sellers who list similar products that might be of interest.

Buyer Marketing with Kahuna:

  • Convert browsers to buyers and reduce first-day churn by 50%
  • Boost channel conversion by as high as 55% by leveraging Kahuna’s AI-based optimizations
  • Accelerate buyer to seller conversions for C2C marketplaces
  • Accelerate purchase frequency and immediacy
  • Improve first purchase by introducing great sellers for homogeneous networks


In a sea of buyers, it can be overwhelming for sellers to determine the right buyers for their merchandise. Kahuna’s campaign functionality enables marketplace sellers to find potential hot buyers via “interest notifications,” which not only improve provider liquidity, but also boost seller retention.

Kahuna also helps facilitate dialogue between buyers and sellers through notifications that can be sent via email or push.

Seller Optimization with Kahuna:

  • Optimize the buyer lifecycle process: Browsers > Sellers > Power Sellers
  • Optimize first sale experiences
  • Accelerate transaction velocity by improving seller/buyer interactions
  • Remind sellers to reach out to buyers to ask for recommendations and feedback
  • Recommend selling items people are searching for
  • Help sellers optimize their product listings


Kahuna for Marketplaces enables operators to turn buyers and sellers from “one-time purchasers, to lifetime customers” through a variety of optimizations. Below are just a few of the features and functionality that can be used to help improve the liquidity and vibrancy of your platform.

For example, using Kahuna, you can optimize the content and timing of messages so that the content is optimized in a way that resonates with the buyer and seller. Rather than sending out messages at once, emails and push notifications can be sent at the precise time each individual is most likely to engage with the message.

Market Vibrancy with Kahuna:

  • Built to consume signals from all of your transactional and behavioral event data as well as your current marketing automation investments to drive liquidity
  • Boost Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) by suggesting products to offer and helping buyers and sellers meet at a great price
  • Improve Active:Inactive seller ratios
  • Optimize growth spend on effective channels and techniques
  • Move conversations along to transaction close

Performance insights that are specific to marketplaces

  • Improving channel conversion rates and purchase frequency acceleration.
  • A/E testing to find the best message to drive liquidity.
  • Reducing cognitive overload.
  • Converting browsers to buyers and sellers.
  • Onboarding buyers and sellers.
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50% increase in items listed and bids

Listia is a mobile marketplace where you can trade in the old stuff you no longer want for new stuff that you are sure to love. With the majority of their revenue coming from their mobile app, Listia sees push notifications as the #1 way to communicate with their community and build a thriving marketplace. Leveraging the Kahuna platform, Listia has developed a sophisticated push notification strategy that has increased user engagement by 60-70% and improved their top KPIs by over 50%.

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