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The marketing landscape is rapidly evolving and you now have access to more data than ever before. Our mission is to help you harness that data through technology to recapture the art of marketing.

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Accelerating Marketer Agility

Connecting the Art and Science of Marketing

We believe the future of Marketing requires a highly focused and conversant approach. Marketers will need to manage their user funnel without losing their empathetic human touch. This requires the balance between a focus on creative and storytelling, and an analytical focus on technology and objective measures of success. The rock star Marketers will find this balance and the agility to move seamlessly between both critical roles as Marketing continues to reinvent itself.

At Kahuna, we understand our customers’ challenge of managing their increasingly complex marketing technology stack while simultaneously fostering relevance through channel, choice and content. Our services offering is laser focused on helping marketers harness martech to discover and act on insights that drive them towards their business goals in real time.

"Marketing has become a technology game."

-- Jake Sorofman, Gartner

Create a plan to move to a robust cross channel strategy

Execution Strategy Package

We help you understand your audience through detailed analysis of user behavior and then establish an Execution Strategy.

Remove the technical complexity to focus on your story

Content Collaboration Package

We offer Content Collaboration to help you leverage advanced automation and AI without taking your focus away from telling your story.

Articulate the value and impact you create

ROI Analysis Package

We conduct a detailed ROI Analysis of your users, comparing value to benchmarks and insights into your specific industry.

Understand your audience to establish a genuine connection

Actionable Insights Package

We provide Actionable Insights toward behavioral trends and cross-channel optimization for your target audience.

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