Smart Channel By Kahuna

Our AI algorithms decide the best channel to be used for each customer every time in order to maximize engagement. In addition, the data collected on any channel is used to increase the effectiveness of messages on every channel.

Optimal Channel

The system looks at an individual’s response rate to various messaging channels for both goal attainment and long term value to optimize the outreach strategy The AI algorithms underneath are constantly being updated and cross checked so that the Optimal Channel is consistently chosen. All the marketer has to do is to select the option that let’s Kahuna decide the channel mix.


Cross Channel Intelligence

Kahuna starts by understanding every one of your customers — who they are, what they do, and what they like — and unifying their behavior and preferences across mobile, web and multiple devices. This gives us a complete understanding of every person. We then leverage this understanding to optimize channel mix and the messages.


For example, our AI algorithms use cross—channel behavioral patterns to infer channel preferences for specific actions and then continue to learn from actual user actions on each of those channels.

We also ensure that each tag on a user – for things like, location or last item viewed – are constantly refreshed as new data comes in from any channel and made instantly available to run cross channel campaigns. This allows Kahuna to run highly contextual cross-channel campaigns. For example, you can easily run an cross-channel abandoned cart campaign for your mobile app sessions where consumers may get discount emails on items in their “abandoned carts”.

Results So Far…

At Kahuna, we continuously track how our algorithms are performing across all our customers. Our Smart Channel optimizations have resulted in a 300% improvement in goal conversions over the control group for some customers. These numbers will get better as customers use Kahuna more allowing these algorithms to know each individual better and help our customers service their consumers better.

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