Smart Content By Kahuna

Kahuna allows marketers to inject dynamic content into messages. In addition, marketers can test up to five message variants (A/E testing) simultaneously. Our AI algorithms along with these two capabilities allow marketers to achieve extreme personalization of content.

Dynamic Content

With Kahuna, customers can dynamically embed data collected on any channel into messages sent on any channel.


For example, in the template above, you can add data collected from a consumer’s mobile app interactions like last item added to cart, first name and location to deliver personalized email message to each consumer. Adding personalization elements like these, in some cases, has shown engagement rates that were twice as high as generic, un-personalized messages. This is especially true for email subject lines, where it’s critical to grab a user’s attention right away.

A/E Testing

With Kahuna, marketers can test 5 different message variants (A to E) simultaneously for each campaign, in addition to the control group. We, then, use our AI algorithms to determine which message is performing best in terms of overall engagement and specific goal completion.


As you can see from the results above, from our customer Listia, message A performed much bePer than Message B, with 12x more conversions. This result was then used to deliver message A to a majority of consumers (~87%) and message B to a small fraction of the consumers (~7%).
The AI driving our A/E testing feature saves a marketer weeks to determine the right message variant. During that time they’d be missing out on all the extra conversions.

Results So Far…

At Kahuna, we continuously track how our algorithms are performing across all our customers. Our Smart Content Optimizations across all our customer campaigns are averaging a 73% improvement in goal conversions over the control group. These numbers will get better as customers use Kahuna more, allowing these algorithms to know each individual better.

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