Smart Path By Kahuna

Kahuna Smart Path takes the guesswork out of creating a customer journey. With Smart Path, you simply have to choose your target segment of users and the goal you would like them to accomplish. Our AI algorithms will, then, suggest the key touch points to message the user during their journey for maximizing goal conversion.

Define target segment & their goal

Marketers can define their target audience using a highly flexible audience definition tool.

Then you simply define what you want your audience to accomplish? Are you looking to onboard your new users? Win back users who have become dormant? Or convert your engaged users into loyal users?

Once your audience and goal are defined, you simply ask Kahuna to recommend a path.

Building the Best Path

Our AI algorithms then analyze the past behavior of your users which includes the organic paths users take, paths users take when they are messaged, as well as their positive and negative response to messaging, to build an Optimal Path. This Optimal Path is computed in order to maximize the goal conversion for the specific goal and the specific segment defined above.

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