Smart Timing By Kahuna

Our AI algorithms pick the best time to push messages for each individual to maximize engagement. They also decide the right amount of time to wait, after an event, for sending a message, to maximize goal conversions.

Personalized Send Time

The system processes each consumer’s interaction across all channels to understand when they are likely engage and mark the time where consumers are completing key actions –like make a purchase, read an article, book a flight etc. With Kahuna, all a marketer has to do is just select the option that let’s Kahuna personalize the send time that maximizes the engagement probability.


The alternative of sending a message based on timezone or the aggregate preferred time of day is significantly inferior.


Our data aggregated across tens of millions of consumers shows that 10 PM is the most popular time. But this “ideal” send time hits only ~10% of the consumers at a time they’d prefer. The other 90% of messages sent, are likely to be ignored and buried in a stack of other promotional emails.

Wait Time Optimization

Our AI algorithms decide the ideal wait time before sending a message to a customer for maximizing goal conversion, even while reduce sending of unnecessary messages. With this approach, 98% of the consumers who organically achieve a campaign goal do not receive a message. The remaining 2% of users get messages according to the specified interval for the campaign.


Intervals with the highest conversion rate receive more messages until a definitive winning time is selected.

Results So Far…

At Kahuna, we continuously track how our algorithms are performing across all our customers. Our Smart Timing optimizations across all our customer campaigns are averaging a 101% improvement in goal conversions over the control group. These numbers will get better as customers use Kahuna more allowing these algorithms to know each individual consumer better and help our customers service their consumers better.

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