Jacob Taylor

Head of Data Science and Co-Founder

Jacob Taylor

Jacob Taylor is Head of Data Science and Co-Founder at Kahuna, where he’s passionate about helping companies have meaningful conversations at scale. He believes brands should “Treat people as people, not numbers.” Before starting Kahuna, Jacob worked on building high-performing scalable systems at Symantec, Octane Software, and Epiphany (now Infor) and was the Co-Founding CTO of SugarCRM, helping drive it from an initial vision to millions of installations around the world. Jacob holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering from University of California, Los Angeles and a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence.

Fun fact:

Jacob loves increasing performance and decreasing costs of products. In fact, in just one year, while adding new features, Kahuna’s traffic increased by 10x and the cost per billion events decreased by 10x!

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